Welcome to The Sharper Quill, a writing consultancy that bases all of its suggestions on what more than 1,000 bestselling authors are doing.  

For the past 17 years, our intensive three-month writing program has helped professionals write and  self-publish books in their field.  We exist to help first-time authors publish outstanding, professional material.  All of our services are available to authors, publishers, and literary agencies. 

The following is what do for our clients.

Prepare work for publication:
- Consulting and coaching
- Editing
- Proofreading
- Formatting
- Copyediting

Provide print-ready books for distribution in the most popular retailers:
- Amazon Kindle
- Barnes and Noble Nook
- Kobo Reader
- Apple iBooks
- CreateSpace formatting for publishing with Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

We help authors write in their own voice with confidence:
- We have a three and six month program to take authors from the first word to publication
- We feature weekly consultations with established authors and editors to develop your content
- We write winning proposals to publishers and literary agents
- We help self-publishing authors produce outstanding material

We have extensive experience with the following genres:
- Academic writing
- Christian theology 
- Christian living
- Motivational books
- Psychology
- History
- Health care
- Crime novels
- Fantasy novels
- Romance novels
- Amish Romance novels
- Science Fiction

Please feel free to contact us using the form below.  You are welcome to submit a short selection from your book for a free sample of our work.

Select Published Books


Greg Green

Reunion Ready [sample fitness ebook]

Sharper Quill Books, 2015

Mark O'Donnell [sample real estate]

Better Real Estate Decisions

Sharper Quill Books, 2015

Yael Shany

Cracks in Sacred Walls [sample ebook] [print sample]

Sharper Quill Books, 2015

Note: The following books were formatted by Nathan J. Barnes, PhD before founding Sharper Quill Books

Christopher Tabora

Becoming a Sales Magician

[sample ebook][sample print]

 MindScramblers Books, 2014.

John Pribble

Private Money Secrets for Real Estate Investors

[sample print] [sample ebook]

Self-publishing, 2013 (Business)

 Andrew Rupert

Graduating with a .08 
CreateSpace, 2013.

Select Formatted Workbook

Workbook samples (published both independently and as an addendum to the book)

My Self-Published E-books

I am using this little e-book as a sample of my writing, editing, proofreading, and academic work. This is a sample work that I am providing to freelance employers and is not intended as professional scholarship. However, I do hope that it is somewhat interesting and helpful if it should fall into the hands of an otherwise unsuspecting layperson or student who is interested in Charles Hodge.

Fetch the Dog.  Sharper Quill Books, 2014.
I wrote this book for my 8 month old twins.  It's only available on the iPad and OSX (for some silly reason Apple won't let you read it on your phone or other device, but it looks beautiful.  I did everything myself with this book - writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading -- I even took the pictures and edited the photos.  This is a sample children's iBook, available on iBooks.