We offer a wide range of editing services to fit the unique needs of your book.  When you choose us to edit your fiction or non-fiction work, we always look for how to make the book better, but we also listen to your concerns and specifically keep an eye on what you think the book needs.
Deep Line Edit (Fiction) -
Think of this as "the works."  We check for everything.  We will give you feedback on all of the good stuff related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but also stuff like character development, pacing, structure, coherence, consistency, realism (for example if you're writing fiction, we make sure that your descriptions of a realistic scene or a weapon are accurate), and everything else that we can see with 25 years of experience working with publishers, literary agents, and independent authors.  

Deep Line Edit (Non-Fiction) -
This is "the works" with an emphasis on accuracy, substance, and clarity.

Academic Review/Consulting
- Dr. Barnes is a professional scholar.  Yes, his publications are in ancient history, but this skill can be (and has been) applied to a variety of disciplines.  If you write it, Dr. Barnes can find the source that you rely on and tell you if you are using your source correctly or incorrectly or if it has been plagiarized. Dr. Barnes has experience walking students through master's and PhD level thesis/dissertations, fact checking for political works, and was chosen to review a multiple-award winning philosophical work.  

Basic Edit - This edit is a quick review of grammar, syntax, and character development.  The  basic edit is designed for the author who contacts us to edit their manuscript, but they are confident that their structure, and character development is good and they just want us to review the manuscript for one or two components like grammar, spelling, and/or flow.  So these authors don't want detailed notes about every little thing in the book -- they just need a second pair of eyes to make sure that the book reads well.

Final Edit - When you've finished your book and want someone to look itover one last time, let us be your second, third, or fourth set of eyes.  Many independent authors have their books edited more than once, and this edit can greatly improve your work.  We will be happy to review your book after it's been edited by someone else and give you that extra peace of mind you need to self-publish or send your manuscript to a publisher.