Christopher L. Tabora
Author, Magician, Salesman

About the Author
Chris is an inspiring magician and salesperson.  With over twenty years of success in the medical device sales field and decades of performances, MindScrambler founder Christopher Lee Tabora has been crafting miracles and creating artistic wonders for elite gatherings his entire life. Chris believes that magic exists within all of us. The only difference is, some harness and embrace it to formulate their own miracles – while, unfortunately, others don’t.

As a corporate sales professional, performer, writer, sculptor, photographer and a student of the art of magic – Christopher Tabora has been described as “… a modern day renaissance man.”

Chris credits all of his success to one simple thing – his understanding of how to build meaningful connections. Whether it’s reaching out at a professional level while engaging in a sales call or trying to touch an individual emotionally via an artistic means – it all stems from ones ability to cultivate indestructible connections with the world around you.

About the Book
In his book Becoming a Sales Magician, he uses the secrets of magic to unlock every salesperson's hidden talents.  In the format of a magic "trick," Chris walks you through the entire sales cycle, teaching you how to develop indestructible relationships with your customers.


Becoming a Sales Magician was edited by the Sharper Quill, and page layout and design was done by Nathan Barnes.  It was published in 2014 by Mind Scramblers Books through CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing.  It is also available in iBooks and Kobo.