Funding Your Book

Writing your book is a significant investment of time, money, and talent.  We're here for authors every step of the way, which includes funding.  

When you self-publish your book, you own and operate your own little publishing house.  You have the final say in every aspect of your book.  No one is ever going to trump your creativity or business sense.  We can make helpful suggestions, but you're the boss.

Conventional Publisher or Literary Agent
This is the dream for many authors: finding a publisher or literary agent that can make their book a best seller.  Time and again, we see books do very, very well in the self-publishing market, but million dollar deals are made all the time with the big publishing houses.  Dr. Barnes has worked with almost 400 best selling books since 2014 and here's a few things that most of them have in common:

1) Nonfiction best sellers are written by people with durable experience.  That is, the authors are undisputed experts in their field.  They have either more than a decade of experience using a proven method to help a certain type of person (like CEOs, doctors, people who can't clean their house, folks who want to improve their teamwork skills) OR they have helped thousands of people over a few years.  These authors - if not PhDs - their expertise is documented and durable.  If authors are not exceptionally qualified, they are celebrities.

2) Fiction books are vivid, imaginative, and creative.  Now fiction is a whole other ballgame.  Best selling novels normally have one exceptional quality - excellent character studies (tons of characters with excellent flow), beautiful dialogue, elegant structure, outstanding literary value - but almost all of these books multiple plot lines together at the end of the book. 

The great majority of best sellers have this in common: the author never gave up.  Very few authors are able to knock on just a few doors.  You have to be an advocate for your book with everyone you come in contact with throughout the entire process, which could take years.  Many best selling authors were turned away by up to 30 publishers -- and had millions of copies sold when the stars finally alligned.

The #1 question that publishers and literary agents ask is this: "Can I sell it" and "Who can I sell it to?"