Born and raised in Fort Worth, John Pribble has had many years to become familiar with the city and more than a decade to gain an expert level of experience and knowledge of the real estate market.

In 1999, at the age of nineteen, John started in real estate investing. Living in the property while completing the renovations himself, he learned a great deal about rehabbing. In August of 2000, John acquired his real estate license. The next few years brought success as a listing agent by reaching the distinction of top producer in his office, becoming a multi-million dollar producer, and winning awards from the Century 21 Corporation such as the Masters Ruby Award, Gold Producer, and the 21 Club.
Also in 2007, John began to focus time and effort on his marketing strategy with mailers, websites, networking, and even radio spots. Employing tracking for advertising dollars spent and the results of those dollars enabled him to focus his efforts on the most fruitful marketing programs. Systems were put into place for all facets of his business: marketing, managing rehab projects, managing rentals, and administrative work. In 2008 John hired two part time employees to assist with property management, advertising, and marketing follow up.

John’s business continues to flourish as his portfolio of properties is constantly growing and he occasionally flips properties. Managing contractors, tenants, marketing, climbing mountains, and enjoying time with family and friends has provided much satisfaction for John.

Over the last few years, John has been blessed with the use of several million dollars in private money and some mentorship to go along with that. Through private and commercial lenders, John now owns and manages many properties.

John's Book

In his book, Attracting Private Money Lenders, John outlines his strategies for attracting investors in real estate.  The book is written for the novice real estate broker, but it can enhance the toolbox of any real estate agent or investor.  Not everyone can be successful in real estate, but if you follow John's careful advice, you'll be well on your way to building a profitable business.

Funny story: Long before we met to work on this book, John sold me the house that I live in now in Fort Worth.