I have some samples of book reviews.

My revised dissertation, "Reading 1 Corinthians with Philosophically Educated Women," was published in May 2014 by Wipf and Stock Publishers. An excerpt from the book is available from Amazon and other retailers.

I am using this little e-book as a sample of my writing, editing, proofreading, and academic work. This is a sample work that I am providing to freelance employers and is not intended as professional scholarship. However, I do hope that it is somewhat interesting and helpful if it should fall into the hands of an otherwise unsuspecting layperson or student who is interested in Charles Hodge. 

Fetch the Dog.  iBooks, 2014.

I wrote this book for my 8 month old twins.  It's only available on the iPad and OSX (for some silly reason Apple won't let you read it on your phone or other device, but it looks beautiful.  I did everything myself with this book - writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading -- I even took the pictures and edited the photos.  This is a sample children's iBook, available on iBooks.