Book formatting and design can be very painful if you try to do it yourself.  Trust us, we've learned the hard way.  Even after designing scores of books, we still see weird stuff going on in Word and PDF files that will drive you crazy.

When we format a book, you have options for the following:

Print Books

  • Follow your choice of style guide for layout and front matter, etc.
  • Headers and footers (page numbering)
  • Margins appropriate for printing 
  • Table of Contents appearance
  • Image placement (all images must be received in 300dpi or higher)
  • Paragraph indentation without tabs
  • All print books delivered in print-ready PDF format and Word 
All books are formatted for CreateSpace.  You can distribute your books through Amazon or Barnes and Noble using CreateSpace as your printer.  


  • Formatting for ebooks of all formats - Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc
  • Optimized for most phones and devices (the book will look the same on most devices - some devices add indentation of paragraphs, making the reading experience slightly different)
  • Hyperlinked table of contents
  • Embedded images (where possible - some ebooks do not support images)
  • Ebooks are delivered in their publish-ready format and Word 

Select Formatted Books/eBooks

Greg Green

Reunion Ready [eBook sample]

Sharper Quill Books, 2015

Medical / Fitness
Yael Shany 

Cracks in Sacred Walls [Print sample] [eBook sample]

Sharper Quill Books, 2014

Christopher Tabora

Becoming a Sales Magician

[Print sample] [eBook sample]

MindScramblers Books, 2014.

John Pribble

Private Money Secrets for Real Estate Investors [eBook sample[Print sample]

Self-publishing, 2013 



Andrew Rupert

Graduating with a .08 [Print Sample[eBook sample] 

CreateSpace, 2013.

Dr. Antonio Grimaldi

The Candidate, [Print sample]

Authorhouse, 2013

Nathan Barnes, Charles Hodge (1797-1879): His Views on Darwinism and Slavery. Published by Smashwords in 2013.

Formatted for all major print and ebook self-publishing platforms.

Select Formatted Workbook

Workbook samples 

My Self-Published Samples

I am using this little e-book as a sample of my writing, editing, proofreading, and academic work. This is a sample work that I am providing to freelance employers and is not intended as professional scholarship. However, I do hope that it is somewhat interesting and helpful if it should fall into the hands of an otherwise unsuspecting layperson or student who is interested in Charles Hodge.

Fetch the Dog.  iBooks, 2014.
I wrote this book for my 8 month old twins.  It's only available on the iPad and OSX (for some silly reason Apple won't let you read it on your phone or other device, but it looks beautiful).  I did everything myself with this book - writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading -- I even took the pictures and edited the photos.  This is a sample children's iBook, available on iBooks.