Welcome to The Sharper Quill's featured author page.  Our authors are extraordinary contributors to a number of fields, including medicine, theology, and philosophy -- and we have some outstanding novelists representing a number of genres.  We're proud of our authors!

Ken D. Taylor is a Super Bowl Champion defensive back for the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears.  Today he is known as The Speed Doctor, helping world-class athletes improve their speed.  Click here to learn more about Ken and his books.

Armen Melikan is the award-winning author of Journey to Virginland. Click here to learn more about Armen and his book. 

https://sites.google.com/a/sharperquill.com/sharper-quill-2/our-authors/yael-shanyYael Shany is a Homeopathic Healer who authored Cracks in Sacred Walls. We are currently working on her second book!  Click here to learn more about Yael.


https://sites.google.com/a/sharperquill.com/sharper-quill-2/our-authors/dr-john-king-hillDr. John King Hill is an inspirational Christian author and speaker who has written more than twenty books on the theological / ethical concept 'the glory.'  He travels worldwide and appears on television with well-known Christian teachers, spreading his message of hope and leadership. Click Here to learn more about Dr. Hill.

Christopher Tabora is an author, magician, and salesman.  Magic has been a lifelong passion for Chris, and he has integrated its secrets into sales to develop successful sales strategies.  Click here to learn more about Becoming a Sales Magician.

Mannie Magid is a medical doctor in Houston who recently completed an outstanding memoir. He immigrated from South Africa more than three decades ago, and tells a compelling story about the challenges in medicine in both America and South Africa.

Alok Deshpande is the founder of SmartPath,  a financial education firm that focuses on teaching people how to successfully manage their money.   Alok was inspired by his remarkable mother, who turned $8 into over a million.  Click here to learn more about his book Fuel. Check out his piece in the Wall Street Journal.  

Mark O'Donnell is an award winning real estate agent for William Ravies Real Estate in Wellesley, MA.  He is a graduate of MIT Sloan School of Management with over $200 million in sales since 2008.  Click here to learn more about his bestseller, Better Real Estate Decisions.

Dr. Greg Green is a chiropractor and fitness guru who authored a very useful book for men who want to get into shape for big events like high school reunions.  Click here to learn more about Greg and his bestseller, Reunion Ready.


Dr. Tom Necela is a very well-known chiropractor, business coach, and speaker who helps other chiropractors revolutionize their businesses through better practices and organization.  His books The Strategic Chiropractor and The Appeals Toolkit have made a lasting impact on the industry.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Necela's books.

Sharon Hollander is an author, speaker, and medical billing specialist based in Los Angeles.  She has written a trilogy of books about my favorite medical homicide detectives. Click here to learn more about Sharon's books.    

John Pribble is an author, real estate investor, and adventurer.  John has written an incredibly valuable and useful book on how real estate brokers/investors can build lifelong wealth by attracting private money investors.  Click here to learn more about John and his book.