When we edit your fiction work, our top priority is making your voice clear and consistent so your readers will experience the text as you intend.  We have broad experience in editing novels, young adult fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, philosophical novels, and autobiographical fiction. We are always eager to read new genres and interested to read what you've been working on.

Below is a select list of edited and proofread fiction with samples.

Fiction Publications Edited and Proofread

Blue Hood: Myths of War

Lulu, 2013

Sharon Hollander

His Final Notice

Self-Publishing, 2014.

Sample Romance / Crime 

An Imperfect Husband

Self-Publishing, 2014

Sharon Hollander.  An Absent Wife. Self-Publishing, 2014.

Ejaz Khan

Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Sample Fantasy Novels

Ejaz Khan

Life Water

Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan

Emron the Unknown Hero 

Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan. Santanna. Publisher unknown.

Ejaz Khan. Children of the East. Publisher unknown.