Non-fiction works require a different kind of editing than novels. You're dealing with ideas and situations that have a more direct contact with the human experience, and you choose not to express yourself in a created context.  We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs.  In addition to editing for structure, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc., we can verify your references, confirm logical consistency, and consult on philosophical content.  

Non-Fiction Publications Edited and Proofread

Greg Green

Reunion Ready

Sharper Quill Books, 2015

Medical / Fitness

Ferzana Gillani

Lupus: My Constant Companion and My Inspiration

Self-publishing, 2013

Sample Self-Help / Inspirational

Woman of Passion, Purpose and Power. Book by Higgins Publishing, 2014 (religious non-fiction)

Sample Christian Non-Fiction

Andrew Rupert

Self-publishing in 2013

(Young Adult Living)

Paramjit Kaur. Rise to Riches: It's Your Birthright! Self-publishing in 2013. (Religious)

Paramjit Kaur and Andal Krishnan

Trafford Singapore, 2013


Nancy Janke

Positive Choices, Positive    Behavior:

 How To Improve Your Character, Life, and Relationships

Forthcoming from Respectful Words, LLC, 2014

(Self-Help, Inspirational)

Dilip J. KarnikThe Karnik Dysgraphia Program for Children.  Self-Published, 2012. (Medical Education Workbook)

Mike MearsThe Hatchery: A Single Egg in the Nest of a World Gone Mad. Forthcoming, unknown date. (Business)

Mike MearsLeadership Secrets of the CIA. Forthcoming, unknown date. (Business)

Patrick Nachtigall, In God We Trust? A Challenge to Modern Evangelicals (Anderson, IN: Warner Press, 2014).

Tom Necela

 The Strategic Chiropractor, 2012

Tom Necela. Build a $300,000 Per Year Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic. The Strategic Chiropractor, 2013 (Business).

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill

Beholding the Glory

Self-publishing 2014

Sample Christian Theology  

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill

Perfect Love

Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill

Mysteries of Heaven

Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill

Glory Heaven Rulership

Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill

Dominion Power of Rulership

Self-Publishing, 2014


Michael Norman

Conscious Thought

Self-Publishing, 2013

Sample Political Fact Checking

Michael Norman

Conscious Thought II

Self-Publishing, 2014