The Sharper Quill edits books of all genres and styles.  We are fortunate to be constantly expanding our knowledge base so that we can better serve a broad range of authors.  Many of our authors want to use their books to enhance their careers and present their ideas in conference settings.  For this reason, we started with hiring two consultants to advice us on the educational aspect of these projects, helping us to develop first class workbooks and non-fiction content.

Suzanna Nelson, BA 
Associate Editor
Website Design / SEO

We are very fortunate to have a marketing expert, HTML, and SEO guru who has more than 10 years experience working for marketing firms.  We consult with Suzi for strategies regarding the social media presence for your book as well as general marketing plans.  Suzi is also a talented editor, proofreader, and book designer!

Leslee Barnes, M.Ed., BA
Education Consultant

Leslee Barnes has 13+ years experience as a classroom teacher.  She graduated with a Master's of Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Texas in 2009, so she helps us with all of our education related materials.  We regularly help our authors with workbooks and presentations and consult with Leslee on every aspect of the creation of these materials.

JoAnn Wright, MEd
Education Consultant

JoAnn is a recent graduate of the Texas Tech school of education.  She assists with the creative side of editing for our dissertations and theses in the humanities.