The Sharper Quill can walk you through every step of the writing and publishing process -- from the first word to publication.  We regularly consult with authors, publishers, and literary agents to produce superior content and elegant publications.

Need help writing your book?

We specialize in helping people write their books.  An experienced writing coach and consultant, Dr. Barnes has developed two processes to help you bring your book idea into a reality.  The three month plan is for authors who already have developed their idea into a detailed outline, and a six month plan is available for authors who need to organize their ideas into book form.  The plan includes a communication schedule, a writing plan, all components of book development and manuscript preparation, and publishing consultation. You can be holding your completed book in your hands in as little as four months!

These plans are designed for professionals who want to bolster their credentials by authoring a book in their field, people who would like to preserve their memoirs, and budding novelists.

We tailor these plans to meet your budget and lifestyle so you can complete your book on time and with no surprises — except that your book turns out better than you could have imagined.

Here’s a general outline of the process:

*Three two-hour conversations to outline your book (takes about three weeks)

*One two-hour conversation per chapter (at minimum).  Note: Most of our books are about six chapters in length for non-fiction, and 24 chapters for fiction.

*If you choose Dr. Barnes to ghostwrite your book, progress will average about one 10k word chapter (or sub-chapter depending on organization) per week. Each week we will discuss progress and plan for the next chapter

*We will take care of the entire process of manuscript preparation: editing, proofreading, formatting for print and ebook

*You can choose from one of our publishing packages below depending on your goals for the book if you follow our program, most books can be finished in four to six months and ready for publication.

*You retain all copyright, publication, and privileges to royalties.

Consultant and Writing Coach: Selected Titles

Christopher Tabora. Becoming a Sales Magician.  MindScramblers Books, 2014.

Ravi Venu

The Crystal Guardian Series:

Book I - The Exiled Prince

Cratus Media, LLC in 2012


Academic Consulting

NIV Quickview Bible. Zondervan, 2014.

Sample Academic Consulting

Armen Melikan 

Journey to Virginland Trafford Publishing

A Penguin Books Company, 2013.

Sample Academic Consulting 

Dietra WiseCan Anything Good Come from Nazareth? A Womanist Hermeneutic for Preaching Not Just for Black Women. DMin Thesis, Aquinas Institute of Theology.

Sample Thesis Editing

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. Working Title.  Publisher Unknown, 2014. (Academic)

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. Losing Islam.  Publisher Unknown, 2013. (Religious, Academic)

Sample Academic Writing

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. "Untitled Reports."  Think Tank, 2013. (Academic)

Manuscript Assessment

Nigel Ross.  

The Doomsday Code

Kindle, 2013. 

(Mystery, Thriller)

Kindle, 2014