Yael Shany was born to German refugees in Israel during Israel's war for independence. The harsh life conditions in Israel during this time helped her to develop her skills and talents as an expert in the arts of natural healings as well as her fine arts skills and her love for nature. Most of her studies were accomplished in German.

Yael practiced in Israel for 25 years, successfully helping her patients heal from many different types of cancer, autism, and many other "incurable" diseases. At the age of 42, she left Israel with her young children and moved to Colorado. 

Yael Shany’s first book Giggling Dr. Green  was also written and published in English. She writes as she thinks and lives. Walks her talk.

Yael presently resides in Florida close to her sons and her grandchildren.

About the book Cracks in Sacred Walls

Yale's book is a collection of emails between herself and Sister Paula, a Catholic nun who was struggling with breast cancer.  When the two women met, Yael was an accomplished homeopathic healer that Paula sought out for help. 

When I first read these emails, I was inspired by Sister Paula’s struggle with changing her unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one using the homeopathic approach. Yael tenderly and patiently guides Sister Paula through the process of loving herself, taking the time to eat properly, and developing a joyful and emotionally enriching way of life.

This book is an intimate view into a relationship between two very different individuals who find encouragement and strength in each other, sharing in common the journey to better health.  I hope that you experience the same inspiration and hope that I do when I read these letters.

Cracks in Sacred Walls was self-published through CreateSpace and Kindle in Spring 2014.  It will be available from several other distributors in 2015.