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“I approached this project with some worry and hesitation, but Nathan took it all away. His experience, professionalism and knowledge helped take what I already had and made it so much better. I would wholeheartedly recommend using him to anyone, especially when it comes to learning and presenting. Extremely well done!” - Peter Wurdock, author of Two Guitars, Bass, and Drums (Elance)


“I appreciate your help in qualifying things while leaving the language vague enough to satisfy the publisher and market. Thank you.” Chris Hudson, Senior Project Consultant, Hudson Bible (publisher is Zondervan)

"Nathan was extremely thorough and offered recommendation that improved the overall manuscript. I recommend using his services because he is professional, courteous, and timely." Shanene Higgins, Higgins Publishing

“Excellent work, Nathan. Thank you! All markings and notations are clear and concise. I hope we can work together again in the future.”  Joe Allison, Editorial Director Discipleship Resources & Curriculum


 “Nathan was an excellent resource and support for this work. His attention to detail enabled my book to take on a richer context and makes me feel extremely confident to release it to the public. I will definitely work with Nathan in the future. Thank you.” - Feranza Gillani, author of Lupus: My Constant Companion and Greatest Inspiration (elance)

“Nathan is professional and sincere in his endeavors. He is an asset to whoever engage his services.” Paramjit Kaur, author of Rockstar Principles for a Teen's Happiness (elance)

“Great work and easy to work with!” - Charlene Stepney-Wright, author of Brow Science: A Professional's Guide to Perfect Brow Design with BrowBelt

"Nathan's signature editing service is a fantastic value.  I received sample edits along with rates from six different editors and Nathan proved knowledgeable in content and copy editing of my manuscript and at the most competitive rate.  He didn’t just edit my manuscript and say thanks either, he helped me through the entire process as I made changes and he would review and make suggestions.  I look forward to working with Nathan when I have need of and kind of writing, proof reading, or editing." - John Pribble, author of Private Money Secrets for Real Estate Investors, (Independent)

“I enjoyed working with Nathan. He was very professional, easy to communicate with and he was extremely responsive. His work was fast and thorough exceeding my expectations. I plan to work with him again and would not hesitate to refer him to others.”  -  Michael Turgeon, author of Blue Collar to Conscious Thought (Guru)

“Consummate professional -- timely, accurate and easy to work with -- will hire again!” - Tom Necela, author of The Chiropractic Appeals Toolkit (Guru)

I cannot praise Nathan's work enough. He is an astute critic and helped me see a number of problems I knew where in the draft of a book I had him look over. I couldn't articulate the writing issues until Nathan outlined them for me. His work was timely, reasonable, and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely use Nathan again and urge anyone else to do the same.” Mike Mears, Former CIA Executive and author of Leadership Secrets of the CIA and The Hatchery (Guru)

"Thank you Dr. Barnes for you feedback. I appreciate your comments and I am sure that your intervention may enhance the result of the book in the market."  Antonio Grimaldi, author of The Candidate 

“Nathan had valuable copy editing suggestions for my short Christian ebook on evolution and Christianity.” Travis Dougherty, author of Evolution Evolves: A Presuppositional Approach Against Naturalism.


"Again, thank you very much for the work and in such a timely manner. Wow! I'm impressed to say the least considering the problems I had before. I have read your notes, and this may be the most important part to me. This is exactly the information I needed. Blunt, direct, to the point, and honest. Many of the things you brought I had worries about anyway, you only verified that I need to fix those things. I never even considered some of the points you made until you mentioned them. The names, likeness in battle scenes, inconsistency in weaponry, damage of those weapons and etc. Geez...I never even noticed it! I've read the story a hundred times and never picked up on that. Thank you!" -- Kendrick Nugent, author of Blue Hood: Myths of War (Independent)

"Thank you so much for your time, skill, honesty, and professionalism. My book is so much more powerful and stronger for your experienced assessments. You said you would recommend my book to anyone, it should be me recommending you to everyone. When I write my next blockbuster I will call on your services first. A massive thank you." -- Nigel Ross, author of The Doomsday Code (Guru)

“A dedicated professional, it was great to work with him, would certainly work with him in the future as well.” - Ejaz Khan, author of Once AgainLife Water, and Emron the Unknown Hero (Guru)

“Nathan's motto is the highest standard of excellence for the best price and I agree. Nathan worked hard on my project and was a pleasure to work with. He read my novel for typos; I needed a final pair of eyes after the copy editor. He also wrote me a fantastic review that I can use to help market my book. He is worth for more than what I paid him, I will definitely be working with him again.” - Julie Sarff, author of Sweet Delicious Madness and the many Mysterious Deaths of Silvio Berlusconi (Guru)

“I asked Nathan to do this task, edit a short story, because he did such a great job on my first book. I highly recommend Nathan for both copy editing content editing. Based on the suggestions he made to my text I also think he must be an excellent writer.” - Julie Sarff, author of Italian Folly: Prologue to Sweet Delicious Madness and the Hordes of Lydias (Guru)

“This contractor is superb! Of course he understands the English language extremely well. Yes he knows the rules of grammar and syntax really well. But, what was also impressive to me was that he checked my writing for logic and sentence completion. He made many valuable edits to my work. He has a lot of writing experience and I'm glad that it showed on my project. I would definitely recommend Dr. Barnes, even to close friends, and would rehire him again. I've worked with many writers on Elance on previous projects, some who have written entire books, and I had to edit their work. Seeing how Dr. Barnes edits really helped me to see that I have a lot more learning to do in the editing department - he did a very professional, phenomenal job that I'm happy with. He's also very, very fast! He had great sensitivity to recognize the specificity of this particular project and took a longer-than-normal 10 hours on my edit and still delivered the final results within 24 hours! He also communicates well and was very professional. Know that when you select Dr. Barnes for your project you get a high-quality contractor! ” - Isaac Dodd, author of MCAT Planner: For the Serious Pre-Med Student (Elance) 

"I love working with Nathan. He is not afraid to be straight and at the same time can encourage me to go forward on a project that seemed insurmountable.  I have learned a lot from his guidance, such as what is hysterical and that a gun has no hilt.  He pushes me to improve my dialogue so that my characters do not all sound the same. His reliability and the way he is able to keep to deadlines has exceeded my expectations. These are just a few of the reasons that makes me keep coming back to him for more sage advice and help." Sharon Hollander, author of His Final Notice, The Imperfect Husband, and An Absent Wife.   

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"Nathan did great work as always. Timely, responsive and follows directions to the letter. Would recommend and use again!" - Gabe Bilawa of Niche Market Holdings

"Nathan was a pleasure to work with an delivered the requested report in a professional and timely manner. He'll definitely be writing for us again in the future." - Gabe Bilawa of Niche Market Holdings

"Excellent job! done efficiently and quickly with good communication. Recommended!" - Gurhan DemirkanExpert SEO and SEM Professional 

“Great work, very very prompt and Nathan sure gets it right the first time. Will work with Nathan for long time!”— CollaboratingMindz (Elance)


“Excellent work. Very fast, very fair. Really knows what he's doing when it comes to improving a resume/CV and writing cover letters which is what he did for me. Will definitely use again. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tracy G.Ms. G’s Creative Drama,   (Guru)

“It's amazing!!! Thank you” - Eileen H. (independent)

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“I enjoyed working with Nathan. He was very professional, easy to communicate with and he was extremely responsive. His work was fast and thorough exceeding my expectations. I plan to work with him again and would not hesitate to refer him to others.” - Michael Turgeon, author of Blue Collar to Conscious Thought