The Sharper Quill is currently accepting projects to begin in Winter 2022. We love reading new books and meeting new folks!

Typically, Dr. Barnes will accept two full-length projects at a time, and consult on shorter projects year round. A full-length project entails helping an author from the first word of the book and working with that material all the way to publication. This usually takes between three and six months. Shorter projects include books that only need one step of our comprehensive process: manuscript editing, copy editing, proofreading, and consulting.

Our Team

Dr. Barnes has one opening for a full-length book project beginning 12/15/22.

Suzanna Nelson is currently available as a marketing consultant by contract only. She specializes in web design and optimization.

Joann Wright is currently available as a subcontractor through Sharper Quill on topics related to education.

* Please don't let our busy schedule scare you away. We complete projects and start new ones almost every day.*


We are always working on projects that need just one or two components of the writing process because we love standalone editing and proofreading a book just as much as consulting for an entire project.

If you'd like to begin a conversation about editing or proofreading your novel, nonfiction, or academic manuscript, we would love to hear from you. It's easy. Using the form below, you can upload a five page selection from your project so we can get a feel for what you need. We will edit your sample and return it to you with a free quote and an estimate for how long it will take us to finish.

Or, you can contact our Senior Editor, Dr. Nathan Barnes, directly at nathan@sharperquill.com.