Employment Opportunities

The Sharper Quill is growing!  We are on the lookout for talented people all the time.  At the moment, we are looking for another part-time marketer to help us locate and develop lasting relationships with authors, publishers, and literary agencies. If you're interested in the world of self-publishing and can connect with people who are working on their first book or publishers looking for editing and proofreading services, please contact us using the form below. 

We love meeting and working with new people almost as much as we love books!  

Editors and Proofreaders

If you're a freelance editor or proofreader, we refer authors to other editors when our schedule is full or a client needs something specific that other editors can provide.

Book Cover Artist

The Sharper Quill does not currently offer cover design for books. We are on the lookout for a good cover designer.