All prices are per word. 

Note: A “round” includes the application of the service and review by the author. For example, in a “round” of developmental editing, the editor will use tracked changes and comments in Word to developmentally edit a manuscript and send it to the author to accept or reject the changes and address comments. The second round of developmental editing will begin when the author returns the revised manuscript to the editor.  

Developmental Editing Package....$.045

Produces a detailed outline for authors to bring focus and discipline to their writing. Develops a plan for the addition or removal of words and organizes the manuscript into chapters and paragraphs. It identifies and clarifies argument for nonfiction, and polishes the plots for fiction. A developmental edit is a book level review of the manuscript.

Fee includes two rounds of developmental editing, two rounds of line editing, and one round of copyediting. 

Line Editing Package……………….....$.035

A line edit is a thorough review of grammar, syntax, word choice, and style, and includes the recasting and rewording of sentences. The purpose of a line edit isn’t just to correct grammar: it is to create the reading experience that the author intends.

Includes two rounds of line editing and one round of copyediting.

Additional Services


The purpose of a copyedit is to produce a manuscript with flawless grammar and consistency in style. The outcome of copyediting is all words and phrases are the same throughout the manuscript.  

Includes two rounds of copyediting.

Book Design…………………$250 (text only, images are negotiable)

We format the book for self-publication in both print and ebook for any major distributor. 


Includes two rounds of proofreading.

We typically only proofread fully line edited, copyedited, and formatted PDFs that are ready for printing. A proofread is the final review before a book is published to catch any errors introduced in the editing and formatting process.   

Dissertation Editing…......$.045

Includes two rounds of line editing, one round of copy editing, formatting according to the university style guide, and proofreading. 

We will check all references, ensuring that all of the citations are formatted correctly and match the works cited or bibliography.

Manuscript Assessment...$250 for up to 50k words (add $50 for each additional 50k words)

This is a detailed review of the manuscript that includes no editing or proofreading services.

For an unfinished book, a manuscript assessment serves as a detailed guide for revision in preparation for the editing process. It saves the author time and money because it shows the author where and how to focus their efforts. For a finished book, a manuscript review can lay the groundwork for identifying agents and publishers.

To begin the editing process with The Sharper Quill, we need to know something about your book. We offer a free 1,000 word sample edit. Please fill out the contact form below and we will respond with a brief manuscript assessment, a sample edit, and a proposal that includes a detailed description of what we can do to help, our fee structure, and turnaround time.